Dylan James Goodman
Dylan James Goodman

Dylan James Goodman

Freelance graphic designer, web designer and generally creative person.

Hi, my name is Dylan.

My passions are cars, art, cooking and seltzer, but the list does not end there. I have an innate fascination with how things work and a nagging dash of perfectionism. I take pride in my work ethic and am always trying to one-up myself, to create the very best. I am constantly learning and teaching myself how to do new things, some design related, some not. I probably spend too much time on autoblog, and Netflix (the first step is admitting you have a problem). I think family is an undervalued gift. The things I see on the Internet both fascinate and scare me.

My mother is an artist, so I grew up in an encouraging atmosphere where expressing myself through art and being creative was nurtured from a young age. In addition to working with charcoal, stained glass and wood, I now also use a computer mouse and stylus.

I have always been intrigued by technology, and by combining traditional artistic skills with modern tools, I am able to create works that are layered and dynamic, bringing the best of both worlds together.

I am always happy to talk about projects, big or small. Send me a line.

A selection of the great clients I've worked with

  • StudentCity, GradCity
  • Finn Partners
  • Insight for Outlook
  • The Manor Farm
  • Messy Bed Studio
  • Catskill Mountain Foundation
  • Electric Mayhem
  • NYS Connections
  • Firehouse Productions
  • Childrose Farrier Services
  • Corroon
  • Earth Summit
  • Nicole Ehrlich Design
  • Apollo Naturals
  • Assessment Network of New York
  • Tangled Up in Blue, Lacy Reed