Dylan James Goodman

Avenir Type Specimen Booklet

Print, Booklet, 6x6 inch

A type specimen booklet that highlights the qualities and characteristics of the font Avenir. Using the catchphrase “Avenir is...” and adding an adjective to finish the sentence, the booklet explores the inherent features of the font using graphic, full bleed photographs.

1964 A Manifesto, First Things First, Booklet

Print, Booklet, 3x3 inch with a 3x9 inch Pull-Out

A booklet designed around the 1964 First Things First Manifesto which looks at redefining what it means to be a designer and artist. This little pocket booklet is inspired by old style skills like calligraphy and modern technology, including the work of Maurizio Bolognini. The line drawings were created from mouse tracking software that was used throughout the designing of the booklet itself.

One Light On - Movie Title Sequence

Title sequence created using After Effects for a mystery, suspense movie.