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Dylan James Goodman

Corroon Bags

Product Slides, Post Cards, Line Sheet, Web

A high-end bag and luggage company. Elaborating on the bright and lively color scheme, slides were created to showcase new products and keep the website home page fresh. Post cards included with purchases get customers involved in the Corroon community by submitting travel tips and on-location photos of their Corroon products. A new product line sheet was created to help showcase Corroon’s items for wholesale orders.

Childrose Farrier Services

Logo, T-Shirt

A minimalistic logo for a Farrier. The design is light and simple, but graphic enough to be used on various mediums such as t-shirts, hats, stationary and business cards. Used a gray and red color palette with a clean, iconic illustration of a horseshoe.

Mingyian - General Capabilities Deck/Presentation

Capabilities Deck/Presentation, PDF

A general capabilities deck/presentation for Mingyian, a Chinese social media platform. The deck highlights the company’s capabilities, services and investment opportunities. Designed in an infographic style to bring attention to key figures and phrases, which keeps the presentation easy to read and follow along.

Messy Bed Studio

Branding/Identity, Packaging, Responsive eCommerce Website, Post Cards, Tags

New branding for a mixed media artist, who creates both functional and fine art. The branding was inspired by the layered, natural and sometimes messy aspects of the artist’s work, as well as the refined and overall high end quality of the piece. Collateral includes the logo, business cards, packaging, labels, tags, post cards as well as newsletters and a responsive WordPress based eCommerce website.

Earth Summit - Sacred Journeys

Logo, Business Cards

A new logo for a spiritual journeys tour company that takes people on treks of self development and healing through the Andes Mountains in Ecuador. The logo reflects the strength and beauty of the Andes as well as the sacred, spiritual qualities of the experience using a palette of soothing greens and a geometric patchwork style for the mountain faces.

Wildwood Reclaimed Lumber DPS App

Adobe InDesign DPS iPad Application

An iPad app for Wildwood Reclaimed Lumber. Used InDesign’s DPS tools and created both horizontal and vertical layouts for every page. The app features links, videos, external content, interactive elements and slideshows. Used an earthy, brown color palette and photographs of reclaimed lumber to add structure throughout the app.

StudentCity & GradCity Capabilities Deck/Presentation

Capabilities Deck/Presentation, PDF

A deck/presentation for StudentCity & GradCity using the existing brand identity and guidelines. The deck highlights the company’s capabilities, services and investment opportunities. Designed in an infographic style to bring attention to key figures and phrases, which keeps the presentation fresh and interesting.

Firehouse Productions

Responsive Website, Collateral

Complete redesign of the original website for a national audio production company based in Kingston, NY and Las Vegas, Nevada. The goal was to elevate Firehouse’s online identity to the level of quality and professionalism that their services already adhere to without changing the existing logo. By utilizing large, full bleed images on the home page, a bold, clean and professional aesthetic with strong typography helps update their image. WordPress based and fully responsive, the site allows Firehouse personnel to make and update the content themselves.

Worth Seconds

Branding/Identity & Collateral

A modern, mid-high end restaurant serving satisfying and comforting organic, vegan food. The design avoids the stereotypical green, plant themes of other health food restaurants. Instead, inspiration is taken from modern interior design with the use of concrete and a gray scale color scheme. The nostalgic cutting board shape and associated pattern are reminiscent of satisfying, quality food that just happens to be organic and vegan.

Apollo Naturals, LLC

Branding/Identity, Packaging

Identity and packaging labels for a natural energy supplement company. A color palette of lush green, white, gray and black makes for a strong visual presence and invigorating character. Geometric patterns, lines and organic imagery were used to highlight the natural and energy boosting qualities of the product. The logo as well as different labels were created for the varying packaging sizes and product variations.

Amuse-Bouche Art, The Art Appetizer

Concept, Branding/Identity, Print, Responsive eCommerce Website

An online business that helps to establish artists and put their work into the hands of interested customers through small artistic samples in a subscription format. The website includes a database of artists for customers to try out and experience. The design was based on a bright, fun color palette and a repeating splatter pattern.

Tangled Up In Blue Book Cover

Digital Book Cover, Amazon eBook Store

A book cover for a romance novel about a farrier who works for a wealthy real estate broker and a horse named Tangled Up In Blue. Designed to be used in the Amazon eBook Store following their specifications. The intertwined typography playfully references the title.

The End of Cable Television - Infographic

Digital Infographic

An informative infographic about the decline in cable television customers and the increase in alternative, internet based entertainment companies such as Netflix. A vertical layout, easily recognizable symbols and bold graphics keep viewers entertained and interested. Used illustrations and data visualization techniques to express otherwise dry information.

ANNY - Assessment Network of New York

Updated Logo, Responsive Website

A New York based organization that assists New York’s colleges and universities in their efforts to assess student learning and institutional effectiveness. The WordPress based website was re-designed to adapt a modern, clean feel through the use of almost 'flat' design, eliminating drop-shadows and double stroke borders. Features like individual profiles, a forum, blog and event registration were added to boost the functionality of the website.

Finn Partners

Design Unification, Templates, Prepress

Updated and enhanced business cards for firm’s employees and sister companies throughout the US. Templates were unified for consistency for each department and location. Collected headshots and reviewed input data while also working with individual employees on specific customizations for their cards. Conducted all prepress preparations.

Conceptual Projects

A collection of conceptual projects ranging from logos, illustrations, motion graphics and more.